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Reusable Coffee Cups - Wonderland *pastel pink

Reusable Coffee Cups - Wonderland *pastel pink

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WONDERLAND by SIRMANO - pastel pink

Reusable cups designed in partnership with Australian artists. Made from 100% plant fibre 🌱 WONDERLAND by SIRMANO

  • Wonderland by Sirmano
  • Each cup is made from 100% plant fibre 
  • Screw-on lid to prevent spills
  • Cups are 12oz (355ml) 
  • Each cup is designed by an Australian artist


Wonderland / Artist: Sirmano 

What was the inspiration behind this piece?

I am always inspired by the environment where I live, the colours, the shapes that we see in the real world and adapted to a scene where my characters live. This piece takes you on a journey through a colourful wonderland.

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