Mr Bean Cold Brew Coffee

Welcome to the Mr Bean Cold Brew Coffee Brewery! Here, we freshly grind our special blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans and brew in pure, chilled water for 20 hours. We then bottle, pack and distribute with love to our wonderful customers and stockists Australia wide.

We proudly offer free delivery (no matter where you live in Australia) and outstanding customer service always! 

Brewing coffee in cold water reduces the acidity up to 70%, resulting in a smooth, rich and non bitter cold brew coffee concentrate. Each bottle of Mr Bean Cold Brew has between 10-20 shots of cold brew coffee which you can mix into your ice coffees, smoothies, pre workout drinks, Espresso Martinis, raw treats and so much more! 

Basically, Mr Bean Cold Brew is everything you want in a brew...smooth, rich, healthy, versatile and always good company! 


Wholesale Testimonial

“The Mr Bean team have been nothing but professional and easy to work with! Mr Bean Cold Brew is 100% quality, with a delicious rich flavour and none of the bitterness compared to other brands.

We use the 500ml concentrate in over 5 different menu items in our café plus we sell the concentrate to customers to take home. We love having the cold brew at home also to mix into smoothies, and the occasional Espresso Martini! 

- Carly 
The Beet Bar, Townsville

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