🌸🍦MR BEAN INFUSED NICE-CREAM 🍦🌸 One of our breakfast favorites by Rebecca at Nourish Naturally 🌸🌸🌸🌸 @nourish_naturally 

〰Frozen Bananas 🍌
〰50ml shot of Mr Bean Cold Brew Concentrate 🥃
〰 Scoop of Amazonia Raw Protein 🥄
〰Scoop of COYO Organic Coconut Yogurt (we ❤ Vanilla Bean flavour with this combo) 🍨

〰 Blend until smooth and creamy ✨

〰Top with nuts, seeds, coconut flakes or granola of choice 🥜

〰 Almond Ice coffee on the side - 50ml of Mr Bean Cold Brew over ice and mix with So Good Almond Milk 🌸

〰 Healthy, nutritious and delicious breakfast to kickstart your day 🌸
Tags: Smoothie

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